Marche Halles 68 Office De Tourisme Millau Credit Greg AlricMarche Halles 68 Office De Tourisme Millau Credit Greg Alric
©Marche Halles 68 Office De Tourisme Millau Credit Greg Alric|Greg Alric

Gourmet stroll through Millau market

local on our shelves
par groupe privé
A réaliser en
1.5 hour
Toute l'année
min 2 pers. max 10 pers.


local flavors!

What better way to find out where you are than to discover what you’re eating?
You’ll enjoy a mix of guided tour and tasting of local products and good addresses in the heart of the Millavoise city.

Good humor and conviviality! Aveyron is home to many culinary specialties, and this unusual tour is a tasty mix of encounters, with gourmet breaks to finish in the heart of the old center on the weekly farmers’ market. From 4 to 6 tastings.

A service that listens

A single point of contact at your side to provide you with a hand-sewn proposal like our famous gloves , unlike any other, as close as possible to your needs from making contact to’invoicing .

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