Aven Armand Sites De Visite Caves Around Millau 7Aven Armand Sites De Visite Caves Around Millau 7
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Alone in the world at Aven Armand

underground exploration

Discovering Aven Armand by being alone in the cave is a rare privilege, made possible by privatizing the cave during your visit!

Tarif sur demande
A réaliser en
2.5 hours
Sur réservation
min 20 pers. max 40 pers.

Out of time

Like the first explorers, on this unusual tour you’ll experience deep impressions and take in the full dimension of this Treasure of Earth and Time thanks to the silence that allows you to “hear the cave” and its water drops that form a musical score, to targeted lighting triggered step by step according to your progress for a unique highlight of the cavity and the forest with 400 stalagmites.

A service that listens

A single point of contact at your side to provide you with a hand-sewn proposal like our famous gloves , unlike any other, as close as possible to your needs from making contact to’invoicing .

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