Gorges De La Dourbie 003 2022faustine CostesGorges De La Dourbie 003 2022faustine Costes
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Reverie around water and stoneLarzac, Causse noir and Gorges de la Dourbie

Reverie around water and stone

A journey through time: from the formation of the Causses to the discovery of Larzac Templiers

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1 day
Pâques à Toussaint
min 25 pers.

Extend your visit to the Cité de Pierres with a guided hike

Discover the exceptional history of these landscapes

Stroll from store to store at La Couvertoirade

You'll love :
  • discover an exceptional built and natural heritage
  • navigate breathtaking landscapes and discover their secrets


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The City of Stones

In the heart of the Causse Noir, start your day by visitingthe largest rock labyrinth in Europe: the Cité de Pierres – Chaos rocheux de Montpellier-le-Vieux. A grandiose and unusual natural site.

You’ll discover, by little train or on foot, imaginary landscapes made up of strangely shaped rocks…

Gorges de la Dourbie & France's most beautiful villages

Then travel through the magnificent Gorges de la Dourbie, home to perched villages and other hidden treasures: photo stops a must!

The highlight of the show is on thefamous Larzac plateau, push open the gates to the hospitable ramparts of the Templar city of La Couvertoirade, ranked among the most beautiful villages in France.
Then in the company of your guide let yourself be surprised by this legendary village…

Discovery day

Reverie around water and stone

115 km circuit

If you’re a heritage enthusiast, whether natural or built, this is the tour for you …


Discovery by the day
From Easter to All Saints’ Day – based on a minimum of 25 people


This price includes:

  • Guide service for the duration of the tour
  • Access to the ramparts (sentry walk) and to the Scipione house

This price does not include:

  • Personal expenses


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