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Family outings in Roquefort country
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Family outings in Roquefort country

Cultivate your imagination and your taste for adventure as a family by discovering the hidden treasures of the Combalou.

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Walking in the footsteps of the great explorers

Unlocking the mysteries of Roquefort maturing

Enjoy a full tasting of the King of Cheeses

You'll love :
  • Family discovery of the underground
  • Passage through our famous Roquefort cellars


Your detailed program

Give yourself a unique experience with friends.
A fun and original ride on an electric scooter from Millau to the top of Europe’s highest viaduct!
Electric scooters are the ultimate fun activity!

Thinking like an explorer

Amateurs of subterranean strolls or simply in search of coolness in summer, gentleness in winter, this experience in a universe of unreal scenery is made for you.

Once you’ve completed the approach walk allowing you access to the foot of the cliffs, don your wetsuits. Plunge into the heart of the Combalou into this hidden world beneath our feet, where time has stood still – silence and beauty at your fingertips.

Beginners or initiated, Guillaume from ExploNature adapts to your desires and helps you discover our natural riches, from horizontal initiation caves to underground caverns. 2 hours where Guillaume will take the time to introduce you to this environment, explaining the formation of the karstic massif of the Grands Causses and its fragile biodiversity.

Length 02h00


Gourmet break

A picnic at the Roquefort orientation table or a good table, the choice is yours!
We recommend the Epicerie Del Païs in Saint-Affrique, the cellar stores, the bakery L’Espigal de Lauras.

Roquefort Cellars

To see and learn all about this internationally renowned cheese, take a few steps underground into the Combalou scree, discover the mysteries of the fleurines and the secrets of the ripeners. Discover the origins of the formation of the Société caves through a 3D projection then walk in front of these cracks, called fleurines and feel their natural breath that ventilates the caves.

Take to the trails of the Causses to discover the brebis Lacaune. From milking to the transformation of milk into cheese, a film retraces for you every stage in the making of Roquefort AOP Société. Enter the heart of the Société cellars, where stone and wood are used to transform the cheese loaves into Roquefort AOP. The breads are matured under the watchful eye of the Maître Affineur Société.

The tour is coming to an end. Your guide invites you to discover and taste the three Société PDO Roqueforts. Finally, an exhibition room will enable you to relive the 160-year history of Société.

And to finish off after this hour which has enabled you to learn more about the Roquefort manufacturing process, head over to the nearby orientation table to admire the magnificent view over the Larzac causse and the village.

Time 01:30

The new explorers!

Family outings in Roquefort country

This price includes:

  • The Spéléo Explo Nature activity supervised by a state-certified instructor
  • The guided tour of the Caves Roquefort Société

This price does not include:

  • Personal expenses
  • Transportation
  • Lunch

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