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Family getawayMicropolis and Acroparc

Family getaway – Micropolis and Acroparc

Treat yourself to a unique experience with friends on the outskirts of Millau!

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min 8 pers.

A family day par excellence

A rich discovery of biodiversity

You'll love :
  • A journey into the world of the infinitely small
  • Levels of accrobranch courses suitable for the whole family

Your detailed program

For a day, enjoy two of our favorite activities:
the Micropolis Insect City, and the Acroparc du Mas.

Discover Micropolis, the City of Insects

Start by discovering the biodiversity of our countrysidewhere millions of little beasts are teeming. The open-air museum offers an indoor section, with exhibits, terrariums, and a whole outdoor trail to observe life in action.
With wonder on the menu, young and old alike will learn a lot about the minute universe of ants, bees, butterflies and caterpillars, chafer beetles, praying mantises, in the company of passionate caretakers!

For your meal, you can either pack a picnic to share, or take advantage of the on-site restaurant.

Acroparc du Mas

In the afternoon, once you’ve finished exploring, head to the banks of the Tarn at Acroparc du Mas.
On-site,activities for the whole family, from age 2 upwards.

Toboggans, accrobranches for all levels, zip lines, and even the Jump’ Air Bag, a jump on a large cushion for the most adventurous!!
The location, by the river on a shady, airy site makes it an ideal place to spend a great time.

Family getaway

Micropolis and Acroparc

A journey into the world of the infinitely small. Insects, man, trees.
Relaxation and activity on the banks of the Tarn

Freedom package

From Easter to All Saints’ Day – based on a minimum of 8 people


This price includes:

  • entrances to visits and activities on the program

This price does not include:

  • transport to activities and visits
  • lunch or packed lunch


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