Hiking Guide Project

As part of a university project in English class we got an assignment to create a  hiking guide for the Millau Tourist Office. Indeed we are fifteen students in university training at Millau (LP GDOSSL). This degree brings us to know how to create outdoor sports products or some sports events. Through this hiking guide, we aim to create an English outdoor sport product and to explain to English-speaking tourists a hike in English.


Before this project happened we did a hiking guide about Creissels’ Waterfall in English that is already available on this website. After this little project, the Millau Tourist Office asked us to implement another deeper guide in English to promote the local territory such as Saint-Michael’s Hermitage on the Causse Noir.


In this project we worked on five different parts that permit us to build a hiking guide about Saint-Michael’s Hermitage near Saint-Jean-Des-Balmes. Firstly, we got a little introduction up above this paragraph, secondly another group explained why this hike is attractive with its special fauna, flora and built heritage. Thirdly, we worked so that you can have some essential information about hiking. Fourthly, you’ll get a paragraph below this one to explain how to use this guide and how it was built. And of course at the end you'll get the hiking guide!

Why is this hike attractive?


So you have many reasons to do the hike of the St Michael’s Hermitage. First, we can see a very beautiful landscape in the Gorges de la Jonte, there are cliffs and wonderful points of view. Also, we can see a lot of animal species like griffon vulture, beaver, otters, eagles, bats in caves. Near the Hermitage, botanists have identified 560 species of plants and there is a mushroom-shaped rock. The departure of this hike is in Peyreleau. The old feudal castle of this town was erected during the 11th century. This vanished fortress, of which there are nevertheless some remnants of ramparts in the village, was the property of the Montferrands, of the Capelle family, of Alphonse de Poitiers, Count of Rouergue and brother of Louis IX, then of the very wealthy family from Sévérac in the 15th century. The Hermitage is erected on 3 rocks. On the first we find a Romanesque chapel, on the second, we have a dungeon and on the third, which was to communicate with the dungeon, is a cistern dug into the rock. At the foot of the three rocks, the circus is barred by a ruined rampart which protected the dwellings. The view from the rock dungeon to Capluc is extraordinary. This hike is a medium level hike with 575 m of elevation gain.

Essential information about the hike


Start : Saint-Jean-de-Balmes, Priory’s carpark
Length : 6 km
Difficulty : medium
Accessibility : From Peyreleau, take the D29 towards Saint André de Vézines, 40 minutes from Millau

Points of interest:

  • Saint Michael’s Hermitage

  • Madasse Circus

  • The Priory of Saint-Jean-de-Balmes

  • Fauna and Flora

  • Raptor species, such as vultures


Safety tips:

  • Wear good walking shoes

  • Avoid the hottest hours of the day

  • Take water

  • Take clothes suitable for the weather

  • Take energy bars

  • Take a cap and sunscreen

  • Respect the flora and fauna

  • Keep your dogs on a leash 

  • Call emergency : 18, 15



  • Processionary caterpillars

  • Don’t approach the edge of the cliffs

  • Don’t leave your children alone